2019 Show

CEIRIOG VALLEY Sheepdog Trials & Shearing

Including Sheep and Dog Competitions

Members of the International Sheep Dog Society and North Wales Sheep Dog Society


Tal y Garth and Ty’n y Groes Fields


On B4500 from Chirk, LL20 7AB

On FRIDAY 30th AUGUST (Classes 2 & 3) and SATURDAY 31st AUGUST 2019

Lywydd / President: Mr. Michael Gilchrist, Nantyr, Glyn-Ceiriog

Closing date for Trials Entries: Tuesday 20th August 2019
Entries for Sheep competition and Companion Dog Show taken on the Field
(Unfortunately no Horse show this year, see official announcement)

2019 Entry forms
  • Sheepdog Trials: Only for the Sheepdog Trials are Entry Forms required. All entries (which may have to be limited) must be in the hands of the Secretary, with fees in full, by TUESDAY 20th AUGUST.
  • For all of the other competitions, no entry forms are required. Entries will be taken on the field.

Swyddogion y Pwyllgor / Committee Officials

Cadeirydd / Chairman: Mr. Norman Green
Is-gadeirydd / Vice Chairman: Mr. Aled Jones
Trysorydd / Treasurer: Mr Trevor Bates, Glyn-Ceiriog, Tel: 01691 718 294
Ysgrifenyddes / Secretary: Ms Katie Harold, Hen Ffordd, Glyn-Ceiriog

  • Trials
    • Trials Classes 2 and 3 – Friday approx 10.00 am
    • Class 4 – Friday approx 6.00 pm
    • Trials Class 1 – Saturday approx 7.30 am
    • Finals of Class 1 – Saturday approx 4.00 pm
  • Sheep & Shearing
    • Sheep to be penned by 9.30 am Saturday, followed by Judging
    • Shearing – Saturday approx 1.00 pm
  • Companion Dogs
    • Entries for Companion Dog Show taken – Saturday 10.30 am
    • Judging Companion Dog Show – Saturday 11.30 am
  • Horses & Pony: unfortunately this year, due to the equine flue situation, our usual Horse and Pony show will NOT take place. Read our official announcement here.
    Any one who would usually be bringing horses, please come and see what the rest of the show has to offer, We need your support to ensure that we can stage the Horse & Pony section next year and beyond.

Cups and other trophies to be returned at the end of 12 months