2012 Report

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Including Horse Jumping, Gymkhana, Sheep and Dog Competitions

Members of the International Sheep Dog Society and North Wales Sheep Dog Society


Tal y Garth and Ty’n y Groes Fields


On B4500 from Chirk, LL20 7AB

On FRIDAY 24th AUGUST (Classes 2 & 3) and SATURDAY 25th AUGUST 2012

President: Mrs Jan Howell, Oswestry
President-Elect: Mr. Iorweth Jones, Glyn Ceiriog

It gives me great pleasure to report a very enjoyable first show at the helm! With tremendous support and patience from the Committee in all sections, and someone watching over us with the weather, the trials and show of 2012 was a success.

From looking at previous years’ records it seems that entries in the trials section were down a fraction with 6 fewer entries in class one; class two had 63 entries (62 in 2011) and class three had a respectable entry of 11 up from the 5 entries in 2011.

The sheep entries were very satisfactory. Having expressed my concerns with the sheep section committee members that I hadn’t received any sheep entries on the Monday before the show, I was delighted to see the pens full with more than 100 sheep on show again this year, and so wish to thank all those involved for your hard work.

From the secretary’s office it seemed that the horse section had some good entries, and that all competitors, volunteers and judges were having a good time. I’m sure Trevor will elaborate with the facts and figures from the horse section. Thanks are due to the many helpers in the horse section, the Bates family in particular, as I know they all work tirelessly on show day and prior, promoting the horse section of the show, and also for rallying troops to help on the day.

Companion Dog entries were also very satisfactory, 70 dogs were entered in the show. Thanks are due to the Ellis’ for their contribution in taking complete care of the Dog Show and to Heather Rogers for her help taking entries on the day.

The weather leading up to the show and the forecast for show day I’m sure will have affected the takings on the Gate, the morning was very wet and we had a minor crisis first thing getting vehicles, in particular horse boxes, onto the showground. Thankfully, the committee members, their families, in-laws and volunteers on the day pulled together and we quickly got the entry into the field well covered with straw which solved the problem as the day brightened up and the field dried out. Special thanks are due to the Llwydiarth Family and Roger Bates for providing the straw, and to Glyn Llwydiarth for bringing their yard sweeper to clean the road on the Sunday.

In my attempt to computerise the record of members and sponsors of the Society, I asked each person I had on previous lists as members or sponsors to fill in a small form confirming their address and payment details. It pleases me to report that this has been a valuable exercise with the vast majority returning their slips. I have now compiled a database of life members, members and sponsors with details of their contribution to the Society and hope that in future accurate records will be kept for the benefit of the Society and of those who contribute towards its existence. The next step is to reconcile my records with the bank statement, to update Gift Aid declarations, and to further promote membership and sponsorship of the society.

Thanks are due to many people: The President for carrying out her duties exceptionally, and for her very generous donation; Alun Jones and Mike Gilchrist for providing the sheep for the trials; Eifion Jones for providing the sheep for the shearing; all who helped set-up and clear up, it was lovely to see it all work like clockwork! Thanks to those who helped on show day, in particular to Ros for helping me in the caravan, to the raffle ladies for having a record raffle year – selling all tickets, to the gate people, car parking stewards, and to the trials committee for pointing me in the right direction on many occasion!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first year as secretary, I would personally like to thank everyone involved with the show for their support and kind words and for the warm welcome I have received. I hope to build on my experiences this year to ensure the continued success of the Glyn Show.

This report was written by Miss Bethan Roberts, Secretary to the Ceiriog Valley Sheepdog Society. Trevor Bates’ report on the Horse & Pony section can be found here.