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Our submission form is being updated. In the meantime, you can submit your photos by simply sending us an email to

  • Acceptable File Formats: The image file must be in a .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .png format, without animation.
  • Acceptable File Sizes: The image file size must be larger than 10 kB (minimum size requirement) and smaller than 3 MB (maximum file size).

In the terms that follow, we refer to your submission as the “Photograph,” including the caption text you submit with the photo. By uploading a photograph (together with the caption text submitted, the “Photograph”), you certify and acknowledge that you own the Photograph or have the right (or permission) to authorize the Ceiriog Valley Sheepdog Society to use, edit, publish and otherwise exploit it without obligation or liability to any party and further agree to the Photo Policy. Don’t forget to provide us with a caption!

We’d love you to embellish your picture with a few details, like who is featured on the photograph, what was going on behind the scenes, etc. Up to 20 words is all we have room for, so it needs to be kept short! Please specify it in your email.

To protect their privacy, we will not publish certain last names or caption text information that discloses where the people in the Photographs live. You agree that we may edit your caption, text and pictures. Please read the PHOTO POLICY.